Kuladevi Ambejogai

Shree Yogeshwari (Ambejogai)

Goddess Yogeshwari is a manifestation of Goddess Shakti and this form of Mother Goddess is
worshipped mainly in Maharashtra, Goa and in some parts of South India. Her origin is mentioned in
the VarahaPurana. She is believed to have emerged from the flames coming out of the mouth Shiva.
She is also known as Jogeshwari or Joga. In most temples of Yogeshwari she is considered as the
consort of Shiva. In such temples she is a manifestation of Goddess Parvati. In the form of Yogeshwari,
Mother Goddess is believed to fulfill the desires of her devotees.

"Kuladevi" is the sacred goddess of every Maharashtrian family. She protects the family from the evil,
loves and cares about her disciples. Shree Yogeshwari (Ambejogai) of Beed is said to be the "Kuladevi"
of ChitpavanKokanastha Brahmin families.There are three and half very effective and desire fulfilling
places of Goddess (SadeteenShaktipeeth). Goddess Yogeshwari is one of them.

Ambajogai named by Amba - Goddess (Parvati) also known as Shree Yogeshwari, who appeared at this
place to finish Mahishasur by his birth place.
The historical and oldest temple of the Goddess Yogeshwari has been famous from ancient time. The structure of the temple is in Hemadpanti style. Delicate carvings on the
pillar are very attractive. Adjoining north gate is located the ‘SarveshwarTeerth’. Adjoining the west gate are the temples of various deities. A festival is held here during
Dassehra.In the very morning At 5:00 on can hear loud bhajans on the temple loud speakers. Tambulprasad at temple is the unique thing at this temple. TambulPrasad is a
crushed paan.